Using Assets in myBalsamiq

myBalsamiq sites provide an assets manager for Site Assets and Project Assets. You can use this as a place to store re-usable images, Mockups, or other files you want to share with your team.

To access the Assets Manager, click the Assets link in the top right of the page. The screenshot below shows what to look for.

1. Site Assets Site Assets are files which will be available for use across all of your projects. You can access the Site Assets manager from the home page. If you access the Assets Manager from projects pages, you will see both a Project Assets and Site Assets tab in the assets manager dialog.

2. Project Assets Project Assets are files which are available only to mockups within a single project. You can access the Project Assets manager from the main Project page in grid, story, and map views, or from a single Mockup view. When you open the Assets Manager from any of these views, you will notice that you will see that project’s assets in the Project Assets tab, but can also see the site assets in the Site Assets tab.

The Assets Manager dialog is show below. This screenshot was opened from a project, so it is showing both Site Assets and Project Assets.

Assets in the Mockups Editor

Using Assets: in the mockup editor you will find your images and symbols in the Project Assets and Site Assets tabs of the UI Library. Just double-click or drag-and-drop your selected asset to the canvas to use it. Mockups supports GIF, JPG/JPEG, and PNG image file formats.

Uploading Images: add an image control and double-click on it to open the image upload dialog.

Select the Project Asset or Site Asset tab depending on where you’d like the image to be saved, then click Browse…, choose your image file and click Attach to upload the image to the server.


For creating and editing Symbol libraries, please refer to the Using Symbols in myBalsamiq document.

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