Team Communication in myBalsamiq

myBalsamiq offers 3 different ways of communicating via the Project Team menu displayed within a project: Skype Chat, Skype Voice Call, and Email.

Group Communication

Skype Chat
Launches Skype and starts a chat session with all project members. For Skype integration (chat and voice call), users will have to add their Skype screen name to their user settings.

Skype Voice Call
Starts Skype video chat with your team (Skype multi-person conference works with up to 4 project members).

Opens a world map view showing every project member, and whether or not they’re working (based on the geographic location and working hours they specify in user settings).

For Map to work, users must enter their geographic location in the user settings page.

Creates a new email message with your computer’s default mail application to the project email list. Every project member will receive the message.

Communication with One Project Team Member

Hovering over a single user shows options for communicating with that one person directly via chat, voice, or email.

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