myBalsamiq Mockups Editor

The Mockups editor in myBalsamiq is similar to the editor in other versions. See the Mockups Application Overview and Working with UI Controls for more details.

UI Overview

The myBalsamiq editor is made up of four main parts, as shown below: The Menu Bar, the UI Library, the Mockups editor canvas, and the Project Browser.

The Menu Bar

The Menu Bar is where you will find menus and icons for performing common actions, as well as the Quick Add box. You can learn more in the Mockups Application Overview.

The Project Browser

The Project Browser lists all mockups that you have in the current project. Clicking on the name of a mockup in the Project Browser will bring it up in the Canvas for editing. You can view the files in the Project Browser in list or thumbnail views by clicking the icons in the corner of the Project Browser.

You can also view any Symbols you have created in the Project Browser by clicking the tab labeled “Symbol Libs”.

This tab has a second level of tabs for viewing Project Symbols or Site Symbols.

Reorder, Rename, Delete and Clone

When you move your mouse cursor over the name of a mockup you will see a small arrow appear. Clicking on this arrow will show a menu that allows you to rename, delete or clone the mockup.

To change the order of a mockup in the list, hold down the mouse button to select it in the Project Browser and drag it up or down in the list.


myBalsamiq auto-saves often, so if your browser or editor crashes you should be able to recover your work when you relaunch the editor. Also, if you lose your network connection while editing you will get a notification like this:

Simultaneous Editing

While you are editing a project myBalsamiq looks for changes that are being made by another user. If a change is made, such as rename, reorder, or delete, you will receive a small notification that looks like this:

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