Presenting Your Work

Mockups includes a “Full Screen Presentation” mode for those times when you need to present your wireframes to other stakeholders.

To enter Full Screen Presentation mode, just click on the full-screen icon in the top-right corner of Mockups, or select “Full Screen Presentation” from the View menu.

Mockups will expand to take up your whole screen (to eliminate distractions), and your mockup will be centered on the screen.

You will also see three little buttons in the lower-right corner of your screen. They’ll fade out in a few seconds, but you can always bring them back by mousing over the bottom-right corner of the screen.

The first toggle is for showing and hiding linking hints and the big pointers. You can turn them off if you’re using the presentation mode to test a new UI on some user and don’t want to give them hints on where to click, or simply if you find the big pointer distracting.

The second toggle is for showing and hiding markup elements, such as Sticky Notes, Arrows and Callouts (any control under the “Markup” tab in the UI Library). This is useful if you want to just look at your UI without the annotations that surround it.

The third button lets you exit full-screen mode and edit the mockup you’re currently viewing.

To exit Full Screen Presentation mode, just hit the ESC key.

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