The Property Inspector

The Property Inspector (also called the toolbox, palette, property dialog, properties window, toolbar, floating window, floating tool bar, properties box and control dialog) is the little floating rectangle that appears once you select one or more UI controls. It allows you to perform some common functions such as copying/pasting, layering, and aligning controls, as well as some control-specific customizations.

The Property Inspector is displayed when you select an object on the canvas. You can drag the Property Inspector to move it; it will re-appear where you left it next time you need it. You can also make it smaller (so that only the title bar shows) by clicking the collapse icon in the upper-left corner.

If your UI Library is visible, you can set the inspector to be docked over it. The View menu shows this option.

Property Inspector

Common Inspectors

Editing Inspector Always present, always at the top. From left to right: undo, redo, duplicate, cut, copy, paste, delete, group, ungroup, lock
Layering and Position & Size Always present, always in the second row (below the editing inspector). Layering, from left to right: bring to front, send to back, bring forward, send backward. Position and size shows you the size and position of the selection, in pixels. Clicking on the numbers lets you edit them. The format is "X,Y WxH" where X is the x position, Y is the y position (0,0 is top-left, growing right and down), W is the width and H is the height of the selection.
Align Shown whenever more than one control is selected. Lets you align the selected elements horizontally to the left, center and right and vertically to the top, middle and bottom. The next two icons distribute the centers of the selected items horizontally or vertically. The last two icons space out the selected items evenly horizontally or vertically.

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