myBalsamiq Email Notifications

myBalsamiq uses email notifications to keep team members updated on changes to a site. Only people that belong to a project who have also confirmed their account after being added to a site will email get the notification. Read on to learn more.

Users Decide When We Should Send an Email Notifications

Email notifications are an easy way to make sure your team stays up to date on the project’s progress.

In myBalsamiq, we decided to allow users to trigger email notifications as a side-effect of whatever action they are performing, be it saving edits to a mockup, deleting a project, adding comments, etc

You will see little “notify members” checkboxes around the application. Other than for adding comments to a mockup, the checkboxes will not be selected by default.

Each Project Has a Mailing List

Whenever you create a myBalsamiq project, a mailing list will be automatically created for it as well.

You can use this mailing list to email everyone who’s on the project. In the future we will also make it so that emailing the mailing list adds a mockup or a comment automatically.

Site Owner Notifications

Site owners have the option option to be bcc:ed on all email notifications pertaining user invitations and project creation, archival and deletions. That’s done in the Site Settings.

Problems Receiving Notifications?

Maybe the person you invited hasn’t confirmed their account? If they haven’t gotten an invitation by email, please check the FAQ on troubleshooting email confirmation and notifications from myBalsamiq.

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