myBalsamiq Prototype View

The myBalsamiq Prototype View is one of the sharing options available for your project. To generate and access the Prototype View for your project, click on the arrow in the upper right-hand corner of your Project Page.

After clicking the arrow, your browser will be sent to the Prototype View for your project. You’ll notice that the address of the Prototype View contains your myBalsamiq URL and a long string of randomized characters. This makes the URL extremely hard to guess - but once you share it, it will be accessible to anyone who knows it. The only way to delete a URL is to archive or delete the project.

Using the Prototype Viewer

When you or one of your collaborators open the Prototype View, you will be presented with your project and an interactive viewer.

At the bottom of the page is a toolbar that houses the controls for the viewer. On the left is the Mockup Navigator, which allows you to switch between mockups manually. On the right is the options panel.

The Options Panel

Most of the time, the option panel will have 3 buttons:

  • Toggle Link Highlights: The left-most button in the options panel allows you to show and hide linking highlights on your mockups. Because the Prototype View is completely interactive, any links that you have added to your mockups will work in this view as well.
  • Edit This Mockup: The middle button in the options panel allows you to quickly jump into the myBalsamiq editor and edit the current mockup. This option will only be available to members of the project - the button is hidden for anyone who is not on the project.
  • Hide the Toolbar: The right-most button allows you to hide the toolbar completely, for distraction-free viewing and testing.

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