Sharing Your Work with outside Clients in myBalsamiq

Since myBalsamiq is all about collaboration, we offer many ways for you to get feedback on your designs.

This document outlines a few different ways, so that you can pick the right one to fit each situation.

For sharing with colleagues: just have your site owner invite them as staff members. Once they’re set up as staff members on your myBalsamiq site you can quickly add them to projects via the Project Members menu.

Make Them a Project Member

This is what we expect people will use the most.

Adding someone as a project member gives them the ability to comment on your mockups, get notified of mockup changes and really follow and participate in the project’s progress (learn more).

Project members also have the ability to edit mockups, but don’t worry about losing anything accidentally, every version is stored in the project history and can be recovered easily.

To add someone as a project member, just invite them via the Project Members menu.

If you want to keep your project private but don’t want to force your customers to create a myBalsamiq login, and if your mockups are linked together, you could use the Prototype View feature.

Just launch the prototype view, copy the long and nearly-impossible-to-guess URL (it makes it secure) and send it to them. They will be able to see it and click around without having to log in.

Note: Once the URL is shared, it will be accessible to whomever has it. The only way to deactivate the link is to archive or delete the project.

Similar to the approach above, you could simply send them single mockup images using the Image Permalink feature.

This link doesn’t require people to log in (but is secure due to it’s crazy-long and hard to guess), and will always return the latest version of a mockup’s image.

This makes it possible to share mockups that are not linked together or even to embed them in other tools that let you insert images (a simple web page you’re putting together or even a usability testing tool).

Note: People you share this URL with will NOT be able to add comments within myBalsamiq this way, and once the URL is shared, it will be accessible to whomever has it.

Make Your Project Public

If you are not concerned with keeping the work secret, this is a very quick way to allow external stakeholders to review, comment or even edit your wireframes.

Just set the project’s access control slider to your favorite level of public sharing (website, blog or wiki), and send your clients a link to the project. If you set it to blog or wiki, they will be able to comment without creating a login.

Export the Project to PDF

Yet another option is to use the “Export to PDF” feature (available from the Project Page) to export the entire project as a PDF. Just format the PDF the way you prefer, download it and send it to them for review.

They will be able to click links and write annotations to the PDF directly (if they know how in their PDF reader).

Some tips about exporting to PDF:

  • To get consistently sized screens Consider using a background control (rectangle/container or browser) at the same dimensions on every page. Add it beneath all of the controls in your Mockup and lock it for best results.
  • To export at actual size (100%) Select the “Optimize for Viewing” radio button in the Export dialog.
  • To get Acrobat Reader to show single page prototypes Select the menu: Edit -> Preferences; Select: Full Screen -> Full Screen Navigation; Un-tick the “Left click to go forward one page…”

Print the Story View as PDF

If you are looking for a more traditional “spec”, what you could do is go to the project page, select the “Story” view and print that page to PDF. It puts all the mockups and their notes one on top of the other in a nice spec-like format.

Download the Project and Send Them the BMPR File

If your clients use one of our Mockups 3 product, you could download the whole project as a BMPR file and email it to them. They will be able to play around with the resulting BMPR file in any Mockups 3 product (from version 3.5.7) and above. Each product comes with a 30-days free trial and if the trial expires, the product can still be used to view the project.

We hope this document gave you some ideas on how to share with others using myBalsamiq. If you have any questions, let us know!

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