Keyboard Shortcuts

Note: Some of these shortcuts do not work in our web versions, depending on which browser and operating system you are using.
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Below is a list of all the keyboard shortcuts and modifiers which you can use in Balsamiq Mockups.

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Working with Controls


Edit the selected control's text ENTER or F2
Add to selection SHIFT+CLICK
Toggle selection CTRL+CLICK
Select All CTRL+A
Deselect All CTRL+SHIFT+A

Size / Position

Resize maintaining aspect ratio Hold SHIFT
Disable snapping during move or resize Hold CTRL
Increase font or icon size CTRL+]
Decrease font or icon size CTRL+[
Nudge selection 1px
Nudge selection 20px SHIFT+
Nudge-Resize selection 2px CTRL+ALT+
Nudge-Resize selection 20px CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+
Pan the canvas (Hand tool) SPACE BAR+Click and Drag
Bring to front CTRL+SHIFT+
Send to back CTRL+SHIFT+
Bring forward CTRL+
Send backward CTRL+
Clone selection ALT+drag


Undo last command CTRL+Z
Redo last command CTRL+Y
Cut the selected controls CTRL+X
Copy the selected controls CTRL+C
Paste CTRL+V
Paste In Place CTRL+SHIFT+V
Delete the selected controls DELETE or BACKSPACE
Duplicate the selected controls CTRL+D
Lock the selected controls CTRL+2
Unlock all locked controls CTRL+3


Group the selected controls CTRL+G
Ungroup the selected groups CTRL+SHIFT+G


Align selected controls left CTRL+ALT+1
Align selected controls center CTRL+ALT+2
Align selected controls right CTRL+ALT+3
Align selected controls top CTRL+ALT+4
Align selected controls middle CTRL+ALT+5
Align selected controls bottom CTRL+ALT+6

Working with Icons

Navigating the Suggestion List
Using the selected icon ENTER
Closing the Icons Library ESC
Closing the Suggestion List ESC

Working with Text

Start Editing text of the selected control ENTER or F2
Committing the current text ENTER (single-line controls), CTRL+ENTER (multi-line controls) or click anywhere
Ignoring the current edit ESC
Grow/Increase Text Size CTRL+]
Shrink/Decrease Text Size CTRL+[

Text Formatting

italic _text in underscores_
link [text in brackets]
link with a target [text in brackets](mockup_name) or [text in brackets](website_url)
bold *text in asterisks*
disabled -text in hyphens-
strikethrough ~text in tildes~
font point size {size:12}text{size}
color (hex value or color name) {color:#ff0000}text{color} or {color:red}text{color}
To type a literal *, , − -, or [] in a control, escape it by prefixing it with a \ (backslash): \*, \, −\-, \, [\]

Special Text Macros

Lorem-Ipsum generator type _lorem_ in a Paragraph or Text Area. Try _l0rem_ for a variation.
Show the full path of the current mockup type _{mockup-path}_ in a Label or Paragraph control
Show the current mockup name type _{mockup-name}_ in a Label or Paragraph control

Quick Add

Sending focus to Quick Add / (forward slash) or + (plus sign)
Navigating the Suggestion List
Closing the Suggestion List ESC
Sending focus back to the Canvas ESC

Working with Mockup Files

New Blank Mockup CTRL+N
New Clone of Current Mockup CTRL+SHIFT+N
Open a mockup file CTRL+O
Save the current mockup file CTRL+S
Save as... CTRL+SHIFT+S
Close current mockup CTRL+W
Close all mockups CTRL+SHIFT+W
Export this mockup's XML CTRL+E
Import mockup CTRL+SHIFT+E
Export Snapshot to Clipboard CTRL+SHIFT+C
Export Snapshot to PNG CTRL+R
Export All Snapshots to PNG CTRL+SHIFT+R
Print mockup CTRL+P
Quit Balsamiq Mockups CTRL+Q
Looping through the open files in Mockups for Desktop CTRL+TAB and CTRL+SHIFT+TAB


Hide/Show the UI Library CTRL+L
Enter Full Screen View CTRL+F
Exit Full Screen View ESC
Show/Hide Markup CTRL+K
Zoom In CTRL++ (plus sign) or CTRL+mouse scroll up
Zoom Out CTRL+- (minus sign) or CTRL+mouse scroll down
Zoom to Actual Size CTRL+1
Zoom to Fit CTRL+0

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