myBalsamiq Site Settings

Note: the actions described below are available to site owners only.

You can access your site settings by clicking the “Settings” link in the header at the top of the page.

The Site Settings page allows the site owner to change information about your company, add and manage staff, manage your payments, and change some administrative settings. Settings for individual projects, such as who can access a project, are available on the Project page.

Site Info

Basic Site Information is created at signup. The Site Info form allows you to change the site name or URL, upload a logo to use in the header, and set design colors using our custom design form.

Staff Members

The Staff Members page is where you invite new staff members, and view them by geographic location using our Staff Members map (once they’ve set their locale in their own user settings).

Beneath the staff member map, your internal staff mailing list is shown. Emails sent to this addresses will get forwarded to all staff members listed here.

User Actions In the list of staff members, each person is shown with a link to access actions for that user. If the user has set up contact information in their user settings, you can contact them from that action menu.

You can set staff members to be automatically added to new projects that are created on your site using the action menu. You can also specify which projects they have access to by selecting “Manage Project Membership” from the action menu.

Additionally, you can remove staff members from your site from the action menu.

Adding Staff Members At the bottom of the page, the “Add Staff Members” form lets you add people to your site, so they can be added to projects.

Enter one email address per line to invite staff members.

You can also promote non-staff members that you’ve invited to projects to staff by simply using this form to invite them to staff. Afterwards, they will show up as staff on the Staff page.

Invited staff members will appear on the right side of the Add Staff Members section, and you can click the blue arrow icon to re-send the email invitation, or click the red X icon to remove their invitation.

Payment Info

Site owners and secondary billing administrators are able to sign up for plans that suit their company needs, and upgrade or downgrade their plan at any time as their needs change. When upgrading or downgrading, sites will automatically receive credit for any time remaining on the old plan level.

Please see the instructions for managing your myBalsamiq subscription for details.


Site owners have access to 4 administrative functions:

1. Subscribing to Get Additional Email Notifications

Admins may opt-in to see how many projects are getting created and everything else that’s going on in your site.

2. Changing the Site Owner

The site owner manages site settings, billing and plan information, invoices and site deletion, and has access to all projects.

If you ever need to change the site owner, use the Change Site Owner form, by selecting a new user from the drop down menu, and click the “Make this person the site owner” button.

3. Canceling Your Site

If you need to cancel and delete your site, the site owner can do so by clicking the “Delete my myBalsamiq site now” button.

Once your site is deleted, we’ll stop charging you and prevent users from logging in to it.

If you want to keep your myBalsamiq site around until the end of your currently paid period, instead of deleting your site you can select “Cancel Subscription” in your payment settings. Once your current paid period is over your site will be suspended.

Be sure to download any projects you would like to keep before deleting your site or stopping your subscription.

Your site data is kept in our database for one month after deletion or suspension (you’d be surprised how many times people change their mind and ask us to reinstate their deleted or suspended sites). We delete your data permanently from our database following our Terms of Service. If you would like us to destroy your data immediately, delete your site first, then email us and we’ll be happy to comply.

4. Designating a Secondary Billing Administrator

Site owners can designate another staff member as a “Secondary Billing Administrator.“  The secondary billing administrator can access the Payment Info page of the Site Settings and manage all billing aspects of the myBalsamiq site.

You can select any existing staff member from the drop down menu on the Payment Info page. The secondary billing administrator can be removed or changed at any time by the site owner.

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