myBalsamiq User Settings

Users can access their user settings by clicking your username in the header bar at the top of the page.

The User Settings page allows individuals to do edit information about themselves. This information is used by the system, as described below.

Your full name
Used to address you.

Your short name
Used to address you in the header and email notifications, and usually is your first name or nickname.

Email address
Used to send you email notifications and retrieve your login or password.

Used to log in.

Skype username
Used so your project members can Skype chat with you.

Phone number
Used so your project members can voice call you with Skype.

Geographic location, timezone, working hours
Used so your project members can see where you are in the world in the staff and project members maps, and if you are in working hours.

Used in the header, in the project members menu, the staff map and staff listing, and in project and mockup history listings.

Used to change your password.

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