User Testing Your myBalsamiq Prototypes

The prototype view of myBalsamiq projects allows you to show your Mockup without all of the surrounding interface of myBalsamiq.

If you’ve linked your Mockups together, this can be useful as a click-through prototype, or even for doing usability testing.

The prototype view follows a project’s permissions settings, but allows you to share a private URL using a private key. This is useful for testing with remote usability testing services or for giving to people who aren’t project members. If you set a project to Private, anonymous users will not have access to the project’s prototype views or to browse its content, and subsequently will get an unauthorized error. However, using the shareable link with the private key in the address makes the URL shareable using an address that is not guessable.

Here are a couple of articles on how to integrate myBalsamiq’s prototype view with the leading user testing tools:

The same approach can be used with any user-testing tool that supports entering URLs in their tests. Just copy the prototype view’s URL from your browser and paste it into the usability tool’s test settings form.

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